Intense Chocolate Cookies

Well , one thing I’ve gotta say for Nigella Lawson is , she does chocolate right!  This is the second chocolate recipe of hers I’ve made and it was way yummed out! The first chocolate recipe I made was her Triple Chocolate Brownies and you can find that recipe here.  This cookie is sooo great!  I am so happy I made it and it will Definitely be making a repeat performance-often!  Anyway, the most difficult part of this recipe was translating that  England English ( Nigella’s native tongue ) into’ honest to goodness, real American  English! ( He he he! )  Why, in heavens name, do they call simple baking soda –bicarbonate of soda?  Caster sugar?  Well, even a gauche American like , moi, understands that it refers to super fine sugar.  For heaven sakes, in this recipe, honest to goodness, plain ol sugar, will do just fine!  This is the first recipe that I actually weighed my ingredients, per the recipe.  As I did so, I thought, Alton Brown would be soooo proud!  Anyhoo, this is a great chocolate-y experience in cookie form.  I hope you give it a try.  Enjoy!

Source: Nigella Lawson