Arroz con Pollo

One of my sons good friends, Bre, was over this summer and I, of course, started talking to her about food.  Some how I always manager to weave the topic of food into almost any conversation. What’s up with that? Yes, I’m obsessed, but isn’t there anything else I can talk about?  Honestly? Not after about 5 1/2 minutes. I must be such a bore to those non-foodies I know! Anyway, Bre, graciously indulged me and told me about her grandmother, Fifi’s, Arroz con Pollo. We made a plan to get Fifi, myself, Bre and my son together so Fifi could teach us authentic Cuban Arroz con Pollo.  Well, as often happens when college age ‘kids’ plan things, something better came up. What-what? Seriously?  Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to make it NOW. So this is the recipe I came up with. It was delicious and I will be making it again often. Now don’t get me wrong. The second I get the chance to have Fifi show me how to make hers I’ll be there immediately!

Source: Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban