Yesterday was a big day for me.  My baby, my sweet son, turned 20! Yikes! How in the heck did that happen?!?  I mean, who is old enough to have their youngest child turn 20?  Evidently I AM!  Once I got over the horror that he was no longer a teenager and I was no longer able to tell people I was in my late 30’s (with any hope of them possibly believing me ) we had  a lovely day.  Hubby and I drove up to spend the day with him.  We walk around his college campus, ate lots of good food and, and most of all, enjoyed the wonderful person we are both lucky enough to call our son.

Every time we visit him I put together a little care package of baked goods.  This time, because it was his birthday, I wanted to make him coconut cupcakes.  He LOVES coconut, so, I thought these would be perfect.  This is the first time I tried this recipe.  It received rave reviews on food network web site.  We all decided that the cupcakes were really good but it was the frosting that made theses outrageouslydelicious.  What else was in his care package you ask?  Silver Palate sour cream coffee cake, blueberry muffins, chocolate truffle cookies and chicken dumpling soup.  Happy birthday to you my sweet child!

Source:  The Neely’s