West Coast Deviled Eggs

Easter is the beginning of Deviled egg season.  What you’ve never heard of Deviled egg season?!  Seriously? Well now you have (wink).  As soon as the days get a bit longer, and we start getting more beautiful sunshine, it’s time to start hard boiling those eggs and filling them with a dollop of deliciousness!  Here is a recipe for one of my all time favorite Deviled eggs.  I have many I really love, but this one is unusual and very tasty.  The shallots give the eggs a sweet, mild, oniony flavor and they also add a nice crunch. The sun-dried tomatoes add a sweetness and tanginess.  The capers bring a nice mild briney-ness.  The anchovies add a depth of flavor and a bit of salt. No one I’ve served these to has ever guessed the anchovy paste was in there.  They really do NOT have any hint of a fish taste .

I hope you consider making this recipe foeningr d opay.  Easter!  Of course!!!  If you don’t celebrate Easter, no worries!  You can choose any day you like for your opening day.