The BEST Turkey Chili

I know. I know.  I posted another turkey chili recipe fairly recently.  What can I say…I have a thing for chili!  This recipe is totally different from, Holy Mole Turkey Chili (the last one I posted).  This is a recipe I’ve wanted to try for a loooong time.  I heard about it from a friend of mine named Jackie.  She raved about it.  She said it was probably the best chili she’s ever had.  So you know I was dying to get this baby cooking in my kitchen.  Well, I’m so glad I did.  We loved, loved, loved it.  I adapted the original recipe to cut down on the heat (remember, my family’s wimpy with heat) and it was still pleasantly spicy.  I also switched the type of bean just for our preference.  I was thrilled with how quick this was to prepare.  It had that old fashioned chili flavor that I associate with a chili that has cooked away on the stove for hours.  I was also really happy that it is relatively low in fat and pretty darn healthy.  The corn seemed to give this a bit of an update from standard chili that was nice. Although skeptical, I added the instant hot chocolate, as the original recipe called for.  It seemed to me to be a bit of an odd ingredient.  It didn’t add a mole character like Holy Mole Chili had, but  the overall spicing was absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure what exactly it contributed but I wouldn’t dream of ever leaving it out.  I hope you give this chili a try!  I know it will be making many repeat performances at my house often!!!