Basil Margarita

Have you seen this wonderful cocktail yet?  Well, I predict it will soon sky rocket to the top of your summer favorites list! I love margaritas and this new twist on an incredible classic is a great way to enjoy them. They have a unique, complex and fabulous flavor that everyone seems to enjoy.  There are a few ways you can prepare them. I like to make them in a blender so the basil becomes pureed.  Remember when you had mojitos a while ago with chopped mint and then flashed a huge smile at your ever lovin friends cuz you were having so much fun! Remember your friends falling off their chairs in hysterical laughter cuz you had 14 lil pieces of chunky mint in your teeth!!!  Okay, so maybe that only happened to me.  Well, friends, fortunately I learned from that experience and now puree my herbs to prevent another party foul that will haunt you-me for the next ten years!  You can also julienne the basil for this margarita if you prefer.(I think we’re all safe with  strips of basil)  Whatever you do just don’t chop it into little pieces!