Cookie Dough Brownies

OMG! OMG!  OH! MY GOSH!!!!  Where do I even start with these?  These are one of the most delicious things that have EVER passed my lips. EVER!  No! I’m not even exaggerating one little bit.  I made these for a couple of friends of mine as a thank you. One of them called me and began singing a song he wrote about how much he loved these!  I swear!!!  You just have to bake a batch for your house.  ASAP.  You will thank me.  No prob my fellow foodies!  I send my deepest, heart felt gratitude to Farm Girl and her sister and mom for sharing these with me.  I adapted the ratio of cookie dough to brownie cuz I had to have more of the fabulous cookie dough.  The original recipe seemed to heavy on the brownie part for my personal tastes. Now gooooo start baking!!!!

Source: Adapted From  Farm Girl