I first spotted these super delicious bars over at Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.  I was drooling all over my keyboard looking at Tracey’s beautiful pictures and description of them.  I knew that these were going on the top of my “must make SOON” list.  Then, while shopping at Costco, I picked up a Fine Cooking best of Picnics and Cookouts magazine and there was another yummy looking picture of these babies.  Could fates voice be any louder screaming at me to hurry up and get in my kitchen and bake these up?  I think not!  So, that’s exactly what I did!  They came out just as I had hoped.  Yummy, rich and ever so slightly addictive.  They’re great for breakfast, an afternoon snack with a cup of tea, or of course, for dessert.  They make a nice big 9 X 13 pan so they’re great to bring to share at a picnic or barbecue.  Just remember, they’re only fine at room temp for a couple of hours (Fine Cooking says so) but need to be refrigerated for longer storage.

Source: Fine Cooking