The Craiger!

Friends, I would like to introduce you to my favorite summer cocktail.  The Craiger!  The Craiger, please say hello to my wonderful friends!  This lovely libation is brought to you by none other than my dear friend, Craig.  Do ya get where the name came from?  Well, anyhoo, this is a refreshingly sweet, cool, yummy taste of summer happiness in a glass.  The alcohol used in this cocktail is Red Rum.  It is a rum that is distilled from Caribbean sugarcane and infused with natural mango, pineapple, coconut and cherry flavors.  Well, HELLO deliciousness!!! The flavors come together in a lovely, subtle, melodic sort of way.  If you’re thinking spiced rum, stop immediately. They’re are nothing alike.  I, personally, am NOT a fan of spiced rum (sorry) but I absolutely adore Red Rum. The Craiger is very easy to put together.  You can make it as an individual cocktail or whip up a pitcher.  The ratio of ingredients is loose.  Feel free to adjust according to your taste and for whom you are serving.  Over the years we have experimented with adding other ingredients and have always come back to the simplicity of the original recipe. We’ve tried adding dark rum and coconut rum but they seem only to distract from the delicious subtlety of the original Craiger.