Barbecued Smoked Ribs
You know you have a really KILLER recipe when you go back to it time and time again for over 11 years.

I mean Come ON!

Well, this little recipe here, is one of those.

These are my all time favorite ribs!

I LOVE everything about them.

They have a delicious rub.

They’re smoked slowly.

Then, if all that love wasn’t enough, they’re slathered in some deliciously sweet, happily spiked, all time yummy, barbecue sauce!

As soon as the weather just begins to warm up, my whole family knows the Weber will be making its first debut and soon we will be feasting on some lip smacking ribs.

The recipe is originally from Bon Appetit, July 2000.

Over the 11 years I’ve been making these I’ve made very few changes.

The original recipe calls for 6 racks of ribs.

I use the 3 pack I get from Costco.

I make the rub just as it was originally written.

For me, it works perfectly for the 3 racks.

The sauce I generally make also as written and always have LOTS left over.

This is ultimately a really good thing for me because I love this bbq sauce.

I use it on absolutely everything from bbq chicken to roast beef and smoked cheddar paninis.

Now, if you’re in the more vinegary bbq sauce camp, this is NOT the bbq sauce for you.

This is a yummy SWEET sauce that doesn’t even call for a drop of vinegar.

Feel free to sub out for your own favorite if you’re a vinegary sauce lover.


Okay, there are a few gadgets that make smoking these babies a whole lot easier.  First is the Weber Char-Basket briquet holders.

This holds the charcoals anywhere you want them in neat little baskets.

In this case, I place them on opposite sides of my Weber.

This creates what is referred to as a 2-zone, or direct and indirect heating heating  zones.

The second thing that you might want to consider investing in, is a Grate that has hinges.

My 22 inch Weber didn’t come with this, but for me, this purchase was a no brainer.

Probably because the first time I made these, I had the standard grate and I thought it was a gianormous pain to lift the ribs off and then the grate as written if step 7.

Also, when I’m smoking more than one rack of ribs at a time,  I like to use Rib Rack .

This ingenious little tool allows you to place multiple racks on the same grate space that without the rack you’d only have space for one!

Anyway, these things are obviously not required, but I just wanted to share with you what works for me and makes my life a whole lot easier!

Lastly, if you think the whole smoking thing sounds like a royal pain, these ribs are seriously delicious just plain ole baked!

Of course they don’t have quite as much smoky yumminess, but they are still honestly killer delish!


Source: Bon Appetite