Porcini Mushroom Pot Roast
I saw this recipe last year on my friend Kim’s blog and I couldn’t wait for the weather to cool so I could make this. It is originally from the incomparable, Giada De Laurantiis. Well, let me tell ya, this is sooo delicious it will blow your mind. The roast is cooked slowly so it becomes tender and succulent and the sauce….oh my, the sauce. The sauce is rich with earthy, delicious porcini mushrooms, other veggies and red wine. I mean how could this be anything other that Fab-u-lous?!?

I served this with an herbed cheese polenta that was equally incredible. Of course, it too, was from Giada. Here’s the recipe.


Source: Adapted from Giada’s Family Dinners as seen on Stirring the Pot