Apple Sheet Cake

This is a lovely dense, moist, cake bar that has an incredibly, thick caramel glaze. It differs from other apple cake recipes, in that, it seems to have just enough cake batter to hold together the deliciously baked apples. In that way, it reminds me more, of an old fashioned European dessert. I love the play of the tart Granny Smith apples with the sweet caramel glaze. It’s perfect with an afternoon cup of tea or really any time you want something just a bit sweet.

Apple Sheet Cake 3-0365

This cake significantly improves with refrigeration. When it’s served cold it has a great moist texture. If you serve it at room temperature, because it has so much apple to batter ratio, it just kinda crumbles. So, I serve it straight out of the fridge. Also, because of it’s fragility, it’s better eaten on a plate with a fork than it is eaten out of hand.

Apple Sheet Cake

If you want a less sweet cake, switch the Granny Smiths for a sweeter apple and skip the caramel glaze. I think this would be sad, because I love this glaze soooo much, and remember, the cake isn’t altogether that sweet on it’s own.

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Source: Adapted From Martha Stewart