Sugar Cookie Bars


Who doesn’t love sugar cookies?!

I have one big problem….I wish it wasn’t so……I’m horrible at decorating sugar cookies with royal icing.

Seriously, Horrible!

I was in charge of making the jungle themed sugar cookies for my sisters baby shower.

I bought all the cookie cutters, new piping tips, meringue powder, extra cookie sheets….and after days of mixing, baking, piping, having 12 cookie sheets drying in various stages of icing strewn throughout my parents home, my finished cookies looked like someone let a 2 year old loose with variously colored bags of frosting.

To top off this humiliating situation, one of my piping tips got stuck in my parents’ garbage disposal and somehow, after it was thoroughly smashed up, wedged its’s wicked little self so obstinately down in it that my parents had to take the whole flippin thing apart to get it to work.

Unfortunately for me, my dad was able to salvage the culprit and proceeded to brandish it in his furious hand and grill each and every family member about what it might possibly be and who in the heck got it stuck in his sink!

Heart to God this really happened.

Can you believe it?

Needless to say I did NOT serve the disaster cookies at the shower.

I decided to do a beautiful, color coordinated, delicious candy bar.

Happy ending!

Sugar Cookie Bars

This is one easy sugar cookie recipe!

Which makes them right up my alley!

Honestly, I think this is the best sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever tasted!

They’re thick, chewy  and buttery.

They’re topped with a nice thick frosting so there’s a great ratio of cookie to frosting which is important to moi!

There’s no rolling, cutting and best of all, no wicked piping tips involved.

You can easily tint the frosting and use sprinkles of any color so they’re perfect for any occasion.

If you’re checking out sugar cookie recipes, this one just may be perfect for you!

Who doesn’t love homemade sugar cookies!

This recipe is from a blogger named Anissa.

I wanted to thank her for my new favorite, stress free, disaster free, Sugar Cookie!!!

Thanks Anissa.

Btw-I’ve tried other recipes for sugar cookie bars and they weren’t anywhere as good as these.

Source: Anissa’s Kitchen

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