Meatballs………oh how I love thee!!!!  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE thee!  Please tell me you guys are with me on on this!!! Tell me you love meatballs at least half as much as I do…..tell me we are sympatico on this one….I mean there are so many things to love about meatballs…….

They’re one of the best ways I know to enjoy meat and they’re soooo much more flavorful than plain ole meat……

They’re round and fun to eat…….I mean why not have a little fun while you’re eating dinner?

They’re so many ways you can flavor them…….I’m totally in love the variety…….

So today, I want to share with you a version that’s Italian but that is flavored just slightly differently than the  standard meatballs you can have at your favorite corner restaurant.  These beauties are loaded with marjoram, currants, and pine nuts……….ah..seriously, YUM!  The flavors combine to taste Italian and a bit Middle Eastern all at the same time…… know kinda like ‘a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll’….but nothing weird or too exotic…….still yummy, wonderful, comfort food. The recipe also makes a very simple tomato sauce to dress these gorgeous meatballs.  Cook up some pasta and throw together a little salad and you have a dinner that is sure to bring satisfied smiles all around the dinner table!

So I hope you’re ready to get in your kitchen and maka sum Meataballz!!! Try these Sicilian Meatballs  and let me know how you like them!!! Ciao Baby…………….


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Source:Food and Wine