Great Greek Opa Dip 1

This is my new favorite summer appetizer!

It’s soooo fresh and delicious and unlike so many other appetizers I love to eat, it’s actually good for you!

There’s a layer of homemade or store bought Hummus then a yummy finely chopped Greek Salad.

It’s great served with any type of cracker but I like it best with baked pita chips or soft pita cut into triangles.

My family absolutely devours this.

I made it last week when we had friends over then the fam requested I make it again just for them to snack on!

Great Greek Opa Dip 2

Recipe Notes:

One of the keys to making this dip is to cut the tomatoes and cucumbers fairly finely.

Then the salad mix is easier to scoop up on a pita chip and you don’t just get a chunk of cucumber or tomato but rather a mix of everything.

I made this dip with a homemade Hummus.

I love this Hummus because it’s a bit more lemony.

You can make this with store bought Hummus and probably not even notice a difference.

Your choice.

I personally like Sabra brand but there are lots of other great ones out there.

I’d use about 1 3/4 to 2 cups for the Hummus layer.

I like this made with fresh dill because it adds so much great fresh flavor.

May sound crazy but even though I use fresh dill I use dried oregano.

For some reason, fresh oregano tastes bitter to me so I don’t use it very often.

Next time you need an appetizer I hope you give this one a try!

Great Greek Opa Dip 3

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