Roasted Peach Halves with Crumb Topping This is one of those brilliantly obvious recipes that makes me hit the side of my head and say, “Why didn’t I think of making this before ?!”

Imagine, summer sweet, ripe peaches, roasted to perfection and topped with a yummy brown sugar, oatmeal and pecan crumb topping.

I mean, come on, how delicious does that sound?

They’re like a perfect single portion of peach crisp in a fun and naturally creative presentation.

Roasted Peach Halves with Crumb Topping If you need to serve a big crowd, obviously, a 9X13 baking dish of peach crisp is an easy choice.

These, however, have a simple cleverness to them that just tickles me for some reason!

Ever since I made my favorite Peach Crisp, which I LOVE like crazy, I’ve been craving more.

This little single serving of peachy yum was a fun and delicious alternative to my original fav!

If you want to check out my favorite peach crisp here’s the recipe —> PEACH CRISP

These are wonderful on their own or served warm out of the oven with a generous scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream.

I have to confess, I had the one, lone left over reheated for breakfast the day after I made them and I smiled the rest of the day in utter delight!

Roasted Peach Halves with Crumb Topping

Recipe Notes:

The original recipe calls for the peaches to be peeled.  I chose to keep them on for the nutritional value they add.

I don’t think the peels detracted in any way from the final product, so hey, why bother with the extra step!

Oh, and here’s a simple tip you may find helpful: When you add the topping to the peaches, I find it’s most easily done by holding the peach half in one of your hands, over the bowl of crumble and compacting it down with an inverted large spoon covering the top of the peach applying gentle pressure. (Yikes-writing that out makes it sound a lot more complicated than it really is!)

This allows you to catch and not lose any of the amazing crumble topping that falls off the side of the peach half and also allows you to get the proper amount of pressure when you compress the topping to the peach top.

Serves 6

Source: Fresh Every Day by Sara Foster