Decadent Chocolate Rum Pie Looking for a rich, decadent chocolate dessert with a little something extra?  A little twist on an amazing classic? Well, then this is the pie for you!  Classic Chocolate Cream Pie enhanced with a generous splash of rum set in a yummy chocolate crumb crust and topped with a chocolate curls and just a bit of rum spiked homemade whipped cream………….I’m in!  I’m in!!!

Decadent Chocolate Rum Pie

The rum flavor in this pie doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate at all.  In fact, I think the rum flavor hits your taste buds at first then just settles back and all you taste is chocolate decadence.  I think the whipped cream had a far more pronounced rum flavor.  Now that can be a good thing or not so good thing depending on your own preferences. Honestly, I LOVED it and felt like it really made the pie a huge hit. It complements the more subtle rum flavor in the pie filling.

If you don’t care for the flavor of rum, I think you should definitely omit it from the whipped cream and substitute it with 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. If you don’t want to use rum at all, or if you happen to not have it on hand, you can omit it from the filling recipe as well and increase the vanilla to 1 Tablespoon.

Decadent Chocolate Rum Pie

Recipe Notes: When you’re cooking the filling, make sure you stir constantly.  When the filling begins to thicken stir more vigorously and make sure to stir to the perimeter of your saucepan well.  This recipe produces a lovely, fairly firm filling that slices beautifully. I refrigerated my pie 3 hours before slicing it and the individual pieces cut easily into wedge shapes and maintained that wedge better than most custard pieces I’ve tried.

Decadent Chocolate Rum Pie

Source: Epicurious

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