Sweet and Sour Meatballs This casserole has gone right to the top of my favorite dinner recipe in the ol’ dinner rotation.

Not only is it easy enough for me to make and get on the table during the week night, it’s so crazy delicious that I literally crave it.

We’ve been having it on a weekly basis for some time now.

In my family, that really says it all!

Not only is this a meal I love, the whole family wants it as often as I do………….can you say MIRACLE ????

Last week, I went up to visit my youngest sister and her family.

We like to take turns cooking at least when we’re together so she can taste what is currently going on in my family’s dinner rotation and I get to try the things they’re liking in theirs.

It’s kind of a fun way for us to exchange and try new recipes.

This was the first thing I made on my latest visit.

All I can say is I’ve converted another family to my sweet and sour meatball obsession!  LOL 😉


Sweet and Sour Meatballs


Recipe Notes:

This recipe makes a really sweet sauce.

I don’t say that in a bad way, I LOVE it that way.

If you’d like a less sweet sauce you can reduce the brown sugar.

I’ve made a less sweet version with 1/2 cup brown sugar that my husband actually preferred but I though it just made the dish sort of average.

For me it lost its pizazz.

I like this served over white or brown cooked rice.

Serves 6