Nothing says Christmas cheer more than swirls of red, green and white everywhere you look – including in the kitchen!

Mickey Swirl Cookie

Then when you add in Mickey and Minnie Mouse on top of that, you will make anyone, and everyone smile with delight and wonder as you pass around the Christmas cookie tray!

Mickey Mouse made his debut in 1928 and has been making children around the world smile ever since, hence the inspiration for this delightful holiday treat.

Starting with softened butter and powdered sugar we cream these together with eggs and pure vanilla extract.

In this particular recipe, we are enjoying the benefits of powdered sugar because the cornstarch in the powdered sugar, ensures that these cookies will produce a smooth, luxurious dough with no lumps. This is exactly what we need and want when we are working with a rolled sugar cookie.

Mixing the dry ingredients in a separate bowl first, also allows you to be able to get out any clumps of flour and to aerate the flour before adding it gradually into the wet ingredients.

After your dough is combined, you simply divide the dough into 4 parts and add in your red food coloring into one part, the green food coloring into another, and then leave the other two parts uncolored.

Next you roll out each piece of dough into a rectangle, leaving you with 4 rectangles.

Mickey Swirl Cookie

Now here is my favorite part of this recipe that makes people always say, “How did you do that?” when they see these cookies. Place the red rectangle dough down first and then lay the plain rectangle dough on top of it, slowly rolling them into a log. This will achieve that impressive swirl design! How easy is that?!

You will simply repeat the process with the green rectangle of dough and the last remaining plain rectangle.

Cut each rolled-up log in half. You will need a sharp knife for this so that you do not disturb the swirl design with a dull knife. Then roll one of the half logs into a smaller log for the ears of the cookies. Roll up each log in parchment paper and refrigerate overnight.

The next glorious day is the crowning moment when you may now line a baking sheet with parchment paper, place a big circle and two small circles onto the cookie sheet in the shape of Mickey’s head and bake until a light golden brown!

After this, the hardest thing you have to do is decide which color will be Minnie Mouse and which color will be Mickey Mouse and decorate accordingly.

Thanks to Wilton decorating supplies, that makes this fun job a snap!

I like the royal icing bows for Minnie and the holly melody sprinkles for Mickey the best, but feel free to use your own favorite. Enjoy!

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