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Author: Kathleen Smith

Blackened Chicken Recipe

From dull to dynamite – this Blackened Chicken recipe quickly turns a dinner-time staple into a de-lish de-light! Regardless of what that song says, I think most of us feel like time is not on our side. Days are hurried, and getting a tasty, home-cooked meal on the table can feel like a real chore. I often like to (have to) use store-bought convenience items to make that chore a doable one, things like rotisserie chicken, bottled sauces and soups, and frozen veggies. Sometimes, though, I find dishes that defy the odds – ones that use just a few...

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Creamsicle Drink Recipe

You say “creamsicle,” I say cocktail! This Creamsicle Drink recipe marries orange and vanilla cream in one sweet bubbly beverage that’s sure to conjure happy memories of forgotten summer treats. There’s nothing that says childhood quite like a giant ice cream cone dripping onto tiny hands, excited faces racing against the melting concoction on top. You know what’s better than ice cream, though? A nostalgic childhood treat turned into a dreamy adult beverage! This orange Creamsicle Drink is a delicious cocktail that’ll have you racing to get through your first one for, you know, seconds! Remember Creamsicles? Those fruity...

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Caldo de Pollo

Add some Latin flair to the classic chicken stock and create Caldo de Pollo, a wonderful, game-changing flavor base for all your Mexican-inspired cooking! There’s a reason they say chicken soup is good for the soul, or a cold, or a gaggle of whining, hungry kiddos. The humble chicken, slowly simmered with just a few ingredients, can transform water into liquid gold so satisfying it’s like a salve for your insides.   If there’s a pot of Caldo de Pollo near me, I’m probably smiling inside and out! What is the meaning of caldo? Caldo means “soup” or “broth”...

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Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Get ready to surprise your Super Bowl Party guests with this rich, decadent twist on the classic Buffalo chicken wing. Forks required! You know how sometimes you’re sitting in a restaurant, licking the spicy stuff off your fingers after consuming a big basket of chicken wings, when you start wishing you had a side of obscenely cheesy pasta? No? Stay with me here . . . Imagine those juicy bits of chicken, coated in a Buffalo-inspired sauce, and nestled between tender lasagna noodles and thick layers of velvety cheese. See, now you’re thinking about Buffalo Chicken Lasagna too! Buffalo...

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Honey Glazed Salmon

Save your boring weeknight dinner with this heavenly Honey Glazed Salmon, artfully crafted to tickle ALL your taste buds! Balancing flavors isn’t just a passion, it’s a lifestyle for me, and I can’t think of any recipe that manages to do that as beautifully as this Honey Glazed Salmon. It’s savory and sweet, bright and earthy, with just a touch of heat. Texturally, there’s tender salmon, a sticky glaze, and little hints of nutty, crunchy sesame seeds. It’s really the perfect dish to showcase all the culinary voodoo you can do in your kitchen, and I can’t wait for...

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