Pecan Pie Cake

Pecan Pie Cake
Pin938 Yum11 Share45 Tweet +1 Share StumbleTotal Shares 994Pecan Pie Cake Are you a cake person or a pie person? Generally, I must say, I’m mostly a cake person. But sometimes, my inner pie side asserts itself and my love of cake falls to the wayside and I’m all about pie. Have you ever felt that … Continue reading

Pina Colada Sheet Cake

Pin4K Yum42 Share40 Tweet +11 Share StumbleTotal Shares 4KPina Colada Sheet Cake! A cake flavored with pineapple, coconut and dark rum? Yes pleeeeeeze!!!! This recipe was given to me by my darling friend Mary! It has been passed around and shared through neighbors and friend for at least a decade. It’s one of those recipes that … Continue reading

Peach Pound Cake

Pin54K Yum145 Share236 Tweet +1108 Share1 StumbleTotal Shares 54KOh, this Peach Pound Cake….. Classic, perfect pound cake, enhanced with sour cream to give it an incredible velvety moistness, loaded with a sumptuous helping of fresh summer peaches! Yes, this cake delivers ALL of it!!! Just look at the tender, buttery crumb in the photo above. Each slice has … Continue reading

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake

Pin4K Yum Share10 Tweet +1 Share StumbleTotal Shares 4KTriple Layer Chocolate Cake! This cake is super, super, super moist. Oh, and tender, amazingly tender!!! It’s like a chocolate cake dream come true! Three layers of the most delicious chocolate cake generously topped with a fabulous chocolate frosting! Like I said before……a chocolate dream come true!   … Continue reading

Triple Berry Icebox Cake

Pin1K Yum Share14 Tweet +123 Share StumbleTotal Shares 1KLuscious… Really, simply Luscious is the best word to describe this incredible Icebox Cake recipe! Loads of fresh berries, decadent homemade whipped cream, just the right tough of lemon, shortbready cookies….. Does it get better than this???? Oh yes. Yes, it does. How about an impressive, No Bake dessert, … Continue reading

Coconut Buttermilk Cake

Old Fashion Coconut Cake
Pin97K Yum3 Share187 Tweet +19 Share Stumble1Total Shares 97K This is one of those recipes you find, and because it’s ever so slightly better than the rest, you can’t believe your luck in finding it! I’m a big fan of a good pound cake and an even bigger fan of coconut so when I saw … Continue reading