Classic Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs 11
Pin92K Share253 Tweet +13 Share StumbleShares 92K This is our family recipe for Classic Deviled Eggs.  I can still remember my grandma bring plates of these and big bowls of potato salad to every family gathering!  The deviled eggs never made it to dinner time because the whole family would descend on the plate and … Continue reading

Caprese Skillet Eggs

Caprese Eggs
Pin802 Share14 Tweet +16 Share StumbleShares 822I’m so excited to share with you one of my favorite ways to prepare eggs.  These Caprese Eggs make a wonderful brunch item or an equally delicious, quick and easy dinner.  With just a little more effort than it takes to fry an egg you can make an impressive, … Continue reading

Barbecued Ranch Deviled Eggs

Barbecue Bacon Ranch Devil Egg
Pin1K Share20 Tweet +12 Share StumbleShares 2K I LOVE, I mean love Deviled Eggs.  They’re the perfect little snack or appetizer.  A little protein and a whole lot of great seasoning.  I could make an entire meal of these babies…….okay, so, I often actually do just that!  Now, imagine adding a few extra favorite ingredient………Ranch … Continue reading

West Coast Deviled Eggs

West Coast Deviled Eggs
Pin994 Share8 Tweet +13 Share StumbleShares 1K[donotprint] Easter is the beginning of Deviled egg season.  What you’ve never heard of Deviled egg season?!  Seriously? Well now you have (wink).  As soon as the days get a bit longer, and we start getting more beautiful sunshine, it’s time to start hard boiling those eggs and filling … Continue reading