Crock Pot Stuffed Sweet Pepper Soup

Stuffed Pepper Soup
  I love this soup! It has that yummy combination of sweet and savory that I’m absolutely crazy about.  It’s like a delicious bowl of deconstructed stuffed peppers with a delicious broth.   Look at how hearty this soup is.  It’s meaty and has lots of yummy peppers and tomatoes. Recipe Notes: I like to mince … Continue reading

Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew

Crockpot Beef Stew
Easy Crock-Pot Beef Stew!!! Is there anything better than coming home to a delicious, home cooked  slow cooker Beef Stew, just like Mom used to make, all ready and waiting for you to dig in?! Honestly, there are few things that top that list for me.  Especially when the weather is cold and I’ve been … Continue reading

Healthy and Hearty Chicken Chili

Hearty Health Chicken Chili 1
This is a really great chili recipe to add to my list favorite chili recipes! It’s a hearty, flavorful Chicken Chili that really hits the mark.  I love that it’s made with ground chicken instead of beef for the health benefits.  Some Chicken Chili’s are intended to be lighter styles of chili.  Not this recipe. … Continue reading

My Favorite Tortilla Soup

[donotprint]Tortilla Soup is something I always, ALWAYS crave!  Warm chickeny broth with a hint of lime……lots of chicken…….chunks of avocado……and crunchy tortilla strips! As Ina always says, what’s not to LOVE?  This is “the recipe” I go to year round when I’m craving that wonderful comfort food. In fact, Spring and Summer are the times I … Continue reading

Chicken and Southern Herb Dumplings

[donotprint]Chicken and Dumplings has long been one of my favorite comfort meals.  When I lived in Northern California, we had a neighbor named Doug and he had grown up on this dish. He was from a teeny tiny town in Indiana.  He called it Chicken and Noodles instead of Chicken and Dumplings but, ironically, he … Continue reading

Smoky Black Bean Soup

[donotprint]This soup makes a wonderfully delicious, hearty meal.  The secret ingredient, coffee, is a surprise you wont find in other black bean soup recipes. It helps to create a more complex broth for the soup and adds woodys background notes. Ironically, the soup has absolutely NO coffee flavor. The coffee simply adds a little character … Continue reading

Bean and Sausage Soup

Sausage and Bean Soup 002 (1 of 1)
[donotprint]Soup! Oh, how I love a delicious, warm, comforting bowl of SOUP. This is a bean soup recipe I adore. Well actually, this is a bean and sausage soup. Who doesn’t love the combination of beans and sausage? This recipe is easy to put together. I use a package of 15 bean soup, ditching the … Continue reading

Lasagne Soup

[donotprint]When I lived up in Northern California, I had a wonderful friend named Deb. Deb loved to cook. We were like two peas in a pod! She used to have a fun girls night over at her house where we would drink wine, make huge pots of a few different soups, have dinner then  package … Continue reading

Santa Fe Chicken Stew

Santa Fe Chicken Stew 1-0505
[donotprint] This recipe is another family favorite. It is hardy, healthy and a complete meal in one bowl. I call that a moms dream come true It is also full or great nutrition. In high school, both of my kids, would devour this. Hubby loves it. My son (mista pickey) would even heat up a … Continue reading

Chicken and Bean Chili Verde

Chicken + Bean Chili Verde
[donotprint] Here’s a wonderful and unique Chili that is perfect when the weather cools down. It’s super chunky, full of great flavors, and a wonderful change of pace from your standard chili. The corn gives the chili verde a sweet crunch and the lime and cilantro really brighten all the flavors. If you want a … Continue reading

Pasta E Fagioli Soup

Pasta E Fagioli 1-0119
[donotprint]I love soup. When the season changes from summer to fall, and the air just begins to turns crisp, the first thing on my menu is this delicious soup. This is my first soup of the season so you know I have to share one that is really very special. I got your back my … Continue reading

The BEST Turkey Chili

[donotprint] I know. I know.  I posted another turkey chili recipe fairly recently.  What can I say…I have a thing for chili!  This recipe is totally different from, Holy Mole Turkey Chili (the last one I posted).  This is a recipe I’ve wanted to try for a loooong time.  I heard about it from a friend of … Continue reading

Chicken and Barley Soup

[donotprint] Sometime I crave a simple, wholesome, nothing fancy dinner. Do you ever feel like that? You know, the weather is cold and damp and your looking for an easy, comforting dinner to warm you up and fill you up in a healthy, sort of, feeling way. This soup is a great example of that … Continue reading

Holy Mole Turkey Chili

[donotprint] This is a really, knock your socks off, aint your mama’s chili, chili!  I mean knock your socks off cuz it’s so unusual! It’s like a chili mixed up with a Mole sauce. The cocoa and cinnamon are what give this chili its Mole personality. As the recipe is written, it’s not too spicy.  … Continue reading

Red Lentil Soup with Lemon

[donotprint] This delicious soup is one I have made many times. I haven’t posted it sooner, because we eat it so quickly, I never get a chance to snap a picture. I love that it is chock full of healthy good nutrition while still tasting fabulous. I found the recipe on the wonderful blog, The Kitch     The … Continue reading

Mama’s Old Fashioned Chili

Mama’s Old Fashioned Chili
[donotprint] Chili is one of those dishes that I totally LOVE. You add all these ingredients into a single pot, simmer for a while and something truly magical happens. The flavor of the chili transcends its humble, individual ingredients. This is a recipe I have developed over the years. It’s a bit unusual, in that, … Continue reading
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