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Ingredient: Basalmic Vinegar

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Cool off with my Cucumber Tomato Salad, a crisp, colorful, refreshing side with salty bits of mozzarella and a rich, tangy balsamic vinaigrette.  A delicious dish full of garden delights! If you have your own garden, or know a generous neighbor who does, you’ve probably spent more time than you’ll admit trying to figure out what to do with a countertop full of cucumbers. If you’re one of those industrious types willing to take on the challenges of a pickle-canning adventure, more power to you! Otherwise, I suggest making my Cucumber Tomato Salad. This recipe produces a light, fresh...

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Everday Simple Marinated Grilled Chicken

This is, “That Recipe”. The one you use all the time. The simple. The easy. The YUMMY. I think most everyone has a recipe like this.  I t’s the one you pull out when you want a, “nothing fancy,” but absolutely delicious, type of down home satisfying grilled meal. I usually prepare this on a gas grill but it would definitely be great on a charcoal grill. I’ve had the hardest time lately using my Weber. I absolutely love the added flavor charcoal grilling imparts on food, but after using a Weber exclusively for the last five years I’m finding...

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