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Ingredient: Canned Tomato Sauce

American Goulash

American Goulash is a Family Favorite, ONE DISH meal that is perfect any time of year! My family has been making this recipe for 3 generations! This has been a family favorite for decades. It was one of my all time favorite meals that my mom made when I was a kid. She got the recipe from her mom. I make it for my family. It’s totally a family thang!  And, it’s one of my all time best, “go to recipes for comfort food “. It’s easy and delicious cooking! American Goulash is truly an American classic and goes...

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Quick Mexican Chicken

This is one of those homey, easy to prepare, delicious dinners I love for a midweek meal.  Everyone in my family is happy when I serve this.  It has lots of chunks of chicken, veggies and a mild yummy tomato sauce.  I serve it over rice to make sure you can sop up any extra tomato sauce.  This recipe is also really good for you.  The chicken is cooked in the tomato sauce instead of being sauteed  first so there is no extra oil.  The veggies get all soft so your kids will hopefully eat them with out even...

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