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Ingredient: Chicken Stock

Creole Sauce

Jazz up dinner time with this authentic Creole Sauce recipe. Simple ingredients create a complex sauce guaranteed to start a Louisiana fete at your dining table! Each state has its own “origin” dish, the one sweet or savory treat considered its culinary claim to fame. In Alabama? Fried green tomatoes. Maine? The lobster roll. Ohio? Buckeye balls. Only one state, though, has constructed an entire, world-renowned cuisine, one inspired by the French but built on ingredients and seasonings and dishes that are uniquely theirs. This Creole Sauce is one little piece of the puzzle that is the amazing food...

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Tomato Basil Soup

Rare is the recipe that is as equally good in the summer as it is in the winter. Usually a dish preferences one or the other. Burgers are better in the summer because you can grill them on your back patio. Meatloaf is better in the winter because it’s hearty, warm, and dense. Salads are better in the summer because they are fresh and light. Casseroles are better in the winter because they are thick and filling. It’s not that a dish can’t be served in either season (especially with our globalized market), it’s just that most dishes tend...

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Enchilada Sauce

This homemade enchilada sauce takes 5 minutes to make and produces a thick, rich, delicious sauce that’s so much better than anything you can buy in a can. Homemade Enchilada Sauce……. Seriously? Why bother. It’s so much easier to buy it in a can…. Really? Or so I used to think! Well, I’m here to to tell ya friends, it’s really not at all easier. You can have an authentic enchilada sauce with much less effort and time than it takes for you to drive to the market, wait in cashier’s line, and drive home and open the can. Wait! How...

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Red Lentil Soup with Lemon

This delicious soup is one I have made many times. I haven’t posted it sooner, because we eat it so quickly, I never get a chance to snap a picture. I love that it is chock full of healthy good nutrition while still tasting fabulous. I found the recipe on the wonderful blog, The Kitch     The team from The Kitchn saw this recipe posted on Orangette,  Orangette describes this as “a quiet soup” and that’s just what it is. Soothing,comforting and very satisfying.  The lemon juice is absolutely crucial to the flavor of the soup.  It adds a lovely brightness and ties...

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White Chicken Chili

I love chili. It’s one of those perfect meals in my opinion. Chicken Chili is a wonderful version of chili. So with the blustery weather we’ve been having I thought this would be the perfect dinner to warm the soul and chase the chill. It certainly was. Give this recipe a try soon. It’s really good. We had a little bit left over so, for lunch the next day, I rolled up a bit of the chili, with some extra beans and cheese, in a tortilla, and had a terrific chicken burrito. Source: Adapted From Closet Cooking     Print White Chicken Chili...

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