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Ingredient: Coconut extract

Almond Joy Cookies

These delicious chewy cookies are super easy to put together and are loaded with tender coconut and just the right amount of chocolate. Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes, well, you feel like transforming one of your favorite candy bars into its own jingle-ready treat! My Almond Joy Cookies build on the requisite ingredients – coconut, chocolate, and almonds, with the addition of just a few extra items to keep this Almond Joy recipe easy and accessible (no forcing yourself out of pajamas for a trip to the store), while still being a sweet, indulgent alternative to digging...

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Coconut Sheet Cake

Incredibly delicious, super moist, Coconut Sheet Cake topped with a perfect Coconut frosting. As any good potlucker knows, you can’t just bring any dessert to a potluck. There’s a trick finding the right recipe, a balance that has to be just right. You want something that can easily be made into a large batch. But you also want something that will be popular enough (read: delicious enough) that you don’t take a bunch home. (The last thing I need in my life is to bring home two pans of brownies.) Today’s recipe is a perfect fit. This coconut sheet...

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Coconut Buttermilk Cake

This is one of those recipes you find, and because it’s ever so slightly better than the rest, you can’t believe your luck in finding it! I’m a big fan of a good pound cake and an even bigger fan of coconut so when I saw this recipe I couldn’t wait to try it! Those two little facts aside, this recipe knocked my socks off! The texture of the cake was really something special. It definitely has a pound cake texture but it has an amazing tenderness that is really,really lovely. The flavor of this old fashioned coconut buttermilk...

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Coconut Cream Pie Bars

Coconut Cream Pie is one of my all time favorite things to eat in the whole wide world! It’s rich, it’s sweet and its coconutty delicious. What could possibly be better than Coconut Cream Pie…………I’ll tell ya………………Coconut Cream Pie Bars!!!!!! Why are they better you ask………. Well, number one, this recipe makes a whole lot more coconutty goodness than a single pie does! Same amount of effort and you get what I’m guessing is at least double the rewards. This will feed plenty of people and I can still have seconds! Secondly, I like these bars better because I don’t...

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Coconut Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

My girlfriend Carolyn first shared this recipe with me years ago. Carolyn is a modern day Donna Reed. Four great kids, impeccably kept gorgeous home, lovely garden and her cooking and baking is legendary! If she wasn’t so dang nice, I’d honestly have to hate her! You know what I mean………I know you do! Anyway, she and I were visiting one day and I told her I was bring dessert to a dinner party and she mentioned that she had just made this coconut cake and knew I would absolutely love it. Well, for me, a recommendation from Carolyn...

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