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Ingredient: Creole Mustard

Ham Salad Recipe

Need a colorful game-changer for your next holiday spread? My Ham Salad is a perfectly balanced masterpiece of salty, sweet, and spicy, with smoky bits of ham and a light, creamy base that’s destined to top every cracker on your party buffet. I’m sure our ancestors who first tossed greens in a bowl and dubbed it “salad” would never, in their wildest dreams, have guessed just how far we’d run with the concept. Sure, we still love a simple bowl of green leafies, but what about creamy pasta salads, refreshing jumbles of fruit, and jiggly, gelatin-encased beauties? We also...

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BAM-B-Q Baked Beans

Baked beans are one of those side dishes that everyone in my whole family loves. They’re the perfect side dish for just about any time. Potlucks, barbecues, Sunday dinner, you name it and baked beans make a just about perfect choice to serve. Okay, maybe not at breakfast, but you get what I mean. I know a lot of people just pop open a can when they want to serve baked beans, but let me tell ya, this recipe from Emeril is so fab-u-lous you’ll be happy you took a little extra time and made them yourself! They’re actually pretty...

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