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Ingredient: Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemon Pound Cake

Oh, how I love lemon. It’s the flavor that says “yay it’s Spring”, to me. Well, actually, I love it all year long but during Spring time, I love it the most. Here is a recipe for a wonderful pound cake that is moist and tender and, of course, has just the right amount of lemon. I originally saw it on Tartelettes blog, but it is actually from Lori Longbotham, the fabulous cookbook author. This is the perfect cake to have for breakfast, tea time or to take on a picnic.  I hope you give it a try and...

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Caesar Mayonnaise Dressing

I love Caesar salad.  Who doesn’t?  It’s light, refreshing, tangy, and let’s face it, all together way delicious.  While I enjoy it all year round, it seems even better when the weather warms up.  This salad is composed of very few ingredients so it is imperative that each part is as delicious as possible.  Making this salad taste like an epicurean home run requires very fresh romaine, fine quality Parmesan cheese, homemade seasoned croutons, and a wonderful dressing.  I make a few different recipes of this dressing, but when I found this recipe, I thought I’d died and gone to...

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Chicken Marsala

This has been a really fun week at our house.  Last night, we made Chicken Marsala with our twenty something year old son and his friends.  I thought this would be the perfect time to try out a new recipe.  It was from,  The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, and I have to say it was totally fabulous.  Everyone loved it.  This recipe relies on sweet Marsala to create a delicious pan sauce that isn’t diluted by, the often used, addition of chicken stock. The sauce has a generous amount of sliced mushrooms and pancetta.  It was absolutely perfect. ...

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Lemon Coconut Bars

I’m so excited that it’s Spring! The longer days of sunshine just put me in a good mood. While I was blog surfing, I saw these beautiful bar cookies and I thought these would be the perfect spring treat. These bars turned out to be really delicious and incredibly easy. They were a lovely combination of  lemony sweet and tart and I was surprised at just how wonderfully the coconut tasted in these bars. It added an extra dimension of flavor and a nice textural element. These are just the right treat to welcome spring! Enjoy!!! Source:...

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Cranberry Bar Cookies

Well here’s a new one for the holiday cookie tray!  Well, anyway it’s a new one for me.  This gem was originally written to have a blueberry filling.  I made it that way a couple of times this summer and the whole fam really loved it.  I thought it would really be great for Christmas with a cranberry filling and, Viola!!!  There are few things I want to mention about this cookie before you make it.  One, its okay, if when, you spoon on the top layer, it has a few holes and or the filling is peeking through. ...

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