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Ingredient: Fresh Spinach, Chopped

Chicken Florentine Recipe

You’ll be floored by all the layers of flavor in this Chicken Florentine recipe! A rich, cheesy sauce, with leafy, green ribbons of spinach coat tender cheese-crusted chicken breasts in this simple but impressive dish. We’ve all experienced homesickness at one time or another, and I think food is one of the most reliable cures. Whether it’s digging through old recipe cards to make your grandmother’s Christmas cookies or stopping by the neighborhood restaurant that makes pot roast just like mom did, the right ingredient or dish can ease that separation anxiety. When Catherine de Medici left her birthplace...

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Lasagne Soup

Lasagne Soup When I lived up in Northern California, I had a wonderful friend named Deb. Deb loved to cook. We were like two peas in a pod! She used to have a fun girls night over at her house where we would drink wine, make huge pots of a few different soups, have dinner then  package up and divide the soups between all the girls to take home and freeze. This was one of my favorite soups that we used to make. My whole family loves this soup. It’s a rich tomato based soup enhanced with red wine. It’s loaded with Italian sausage, pasta, mushroom and spinach. It’s served hot, then it’s loaded with chunks of Provolone and a topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan and basil. Doesn’t that sound like a whole lot of YUM!!! More Soups Like This Bean and Sausage Soup – Comforting bowl of soup infused with the right touch of spices om a thick and meaty broth! Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup– Lusciously creamy and loaded with chunks of chicken, great veggies and wonderful wild rice mix! Matzo Ball Soup – Matzo Balls soaking in a delicious chicken broth loaded with carrots, celery and...

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