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Ingredient: Fresh Thyme Leaves

Ham and Bean Soup Recipe

Leftover ham helps create a legendary soup full of hearty, creamy white beans with just a hint of fresh thyme and tender chunks of everyone’s favorite smoky, salty piece of pork.  Soup’s on with my easy-but-exceptional Ham and Bean Soup recipe! Spending the evening at a fancy restaurant is every foodie’s dream, wining and dining to your heart’s content (at least until the bill comes). I think we can all agree, though, that being expensive doesn’t necessarily mean something tastes good, and there are some wonderful, inexpensive dishes that can beat the pants off a dainty, five-course meal. Cheaper...

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Hot Water Cornbread Recipe

Crispy corn cakes suited for snacking and savory-soup-soaking, this Hot Water Cornbread will be welcome at your dining table any time! As foodies, many memories are permanently imprinted on our psyches through food. Maybe it was that pasta dish on your honeymoon, or the chicken soup your best friend shared after a big break-up, or Aunt Ida’s infamous congealed salad that made an appearance every Thanksgiving. One of these tasty memories for me is being at my grandmother’s house and watching her skilled hands pat out little pieces of Hot Water Cornbread. She’d serve these warm, crispy crunchers with...

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Tomato Basil Soup

Rare is the recipe that is as equally good in the summer as it is in the winter. Usually a dish preferences one or the other. Burgers are better in the summer because you can grill them on your back patio. Meatloaf is better in the winter because it’s hearty, warm, and dense. Salads are better in the summer because they are fresh and light. Casseroles are better in the winter because they are thick and filling. It’s not that a dish can’t be served in either season (especially with our globalized market), it’s just that most dishes tend...

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Honey Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

This is one of my favorite summer recipes.  It’s been one that’s evolved over time and one that I make all summer, every summer! The amazing Honey Roasted Tomatoe component of these bruschetta comes from a recipe a good friend of mine named Craig gave me.  Every time our families get together these are always on the menu!  Everyone request, or if I’m being honest, vehemently demands that these are to be served. I serve these little beauties as appetizers or I make the crostini larger by cutting them from the loaf on a bias and serve them with...

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