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Ingredient: Garlic, Minced

Easy Hunan Beef Recipe

My Hunan Beef Recipe beats any take-out and will be ready before you can say “fortune cookie.” Your kitchen never smelled so good! Did you know there are more Chinese restaurants in the U.S. than there are McDonalds? Over three times more, to be exact. That’s definitely a testament to our love affair with Chinese cuisine and all the flavorful, textural masterpieces it has to offer. And what do you think one of the most popular dishes order is? Thats right, Hunan Beef, of course. What does the word Hunan mean? Hunan is a provence in Southeastern central China....

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Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Get ready to surprise your Super Bowl Party guests with this rich, decadent twist on the classic Buffalo chicken wing. Forks required! You know how sometimes you’re sitting in a restaurant, licking the spicy stuff off your fingers after consuming a big basket of chicken wings, when you start wishing you had a side of obscenely cheesy pasta? No? Stay with me here . . . Imagine those juicy bits of chicken, coated in a Buffalo-inspired sauce, and nestled between tender lasagna noodles and thick layers of velvety cheese. See, now you’re thinking about Buffalo Chicken Lasagna too! Buffalo...

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Pollo Asado Recipe

Pollo Asado puts a Mexican spin on your grilled chicken! This Pollo Asado recipe is smoky, spicy, tangy and tasty! Who doesn’t love Mexican Food? While you may not be able to translate all the items on a Mexican restaurant menu, I suspect you can navigate through enough of the Spanish to find your favorite things (assuming you make it past the queso and margaritas). If you’re in a beefy mood, you’ll choose a carne dish, classic entrees like Enchiladas Chili con Carne or Carne Guisada. Chicken-lovers will look for pollo and dishes like Pollo con Arroz (with rice)...

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Creole Sauce

Jazz up dinner time with this authentic Creole Sauce recipe. Simple ingredients create a complex sauce guaranteed to start a Louisiana fete at your dining table! Each state has its own “origin” dish, the one sweet or savory treat considered its culinary claim to fame. In Alabama? Fried green tomatoes. Maine? The lobster roll. Ohio? Buckeye balls. Only one state, though, has constructed an entire, world-renowned cuisine, one inspired by the French but built on ingredients and seasonings and dishes that are uniquely theirs. This Creole Sauce is one little piece of the puzzle that is the amazing food...

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Steak Pizzaiola Recipe

Steak night mingles with pizza night in my sensational Steak Pizzaiola. A chunky tomato sauce, full of robust flavors and aromatics, coats tender slices of strip steak in this authentic Italian dish. Steaks were practically made for the grill, basting in their own juices over an open flame, crispy, caramelized bits melting in your mouth with each delectable bite. During the warm months, grill-time means back-yard party time. When winter hits, though, it’s a game of drawing straws to see who’ll get stuck outside on grill duty. If it’s chilly and I want my steak fix without sacrificing my...

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