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Ingredient: Garlic Powder

Hamburger Casserole Recipe

Want a whine-free zone at your dinner table? I’ve got your back! This hearty Hamburger Casserole is a guaranteed hit, even with the picky eaters in your family. Raise your hand if you were a picky eater as a child. If you’re not reluctantly waving in the air right now, chances are someone in your house regularly made (or continues to make) gagging noises at the dinner table. Cooking for kids is a challenge, to say the least, but I have a sure-fire winner you’ll want to add to your repertoire, whether those picky eaters in your house are...

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Blackened Chicken Recipe

From dull to dynamite – this Blackened Chicken recipe quickly turns a dinner-time staple into a de-lish de-light! Regardless of what that song says, I think most of us feel like time is not on our side. Days are hurried, and getting a tasty, home-cooked meal on the table can feel like a real chore. I often like to (have to) use store-bought convenience items to make that chore a doable one, things like rotisserie chicken, bottled sauces and soups, and frozen veggies. Sometimes, though, I find dishes that defy the odds – ones that use just a few...

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Beer Cheese Dip Recipe

Beer and cheese? Yes, please! Skip the queso and make my Beer Cheese Dip for your next party. Warm cheddar infused with your favorite malted beverage and spicy seasonings makes short work of soft pretzels and shoves any thoughts of moderation out the window. If you have little ones in your family, you know Halloween is arguably the most anticipated holiday of the year. Kiddos seem to look forward to sacks of candy even more than that guy with the red hat who visits in December! Adults look forward to October too, though it’s not candy that entices us. It’s...

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Crab Rangoon Dip Recipe

Crab Rangoon gets a dunk-able makeover in this amazing dip. All the creamy, cheesy filling chock-full of crab exits the oven bubbling and ready for homemade wonton chips. Dig in!   I love to eat Chinese food – all the complex dishes with unique vegetables and sauces. If I’m completely honest, though, the thing I look forward to the most are all the crispy fried goodies and dipping sauces – egg rolls plump with barbecued pork and cabbage, fried dumplings full of shrimp and scallions, and . . . mmmm . . . Crab Rangoon. The marriage of sweet,...

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Porcupine Meatballs

Old Fashioned Porcupine Meatball Recipe!  These super easy meatballs are made with beef and rice then simmered in a delicious tomato sauce.  Always a family favorite! Do you have one of those dishes that is like a time machine for you? It takes you back to your younger days. Maybe it reminds you of your mom or dad or aunt or uncle or grandma or whoever made it for you regularly. It reminds you of them and of the times you had together. For me, that recipe is porcupine meatballs. One bite into these savory, tender meatballs and I’m...

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