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Ingredient: Light Brown Sugar, Packed

Gingerbread Mickey Cookies

Looking for a fun, unique holiday treat? These Gingerbread Mickey Cookies will be the darling of your dessert table with their instantly recognizable shape and delicious chocolate shell. Growing up, my grandmother always baked gingerbread cookies during the holiday season. I would walk into her kitchen and see stacks and stacks of un-decorated gingerbread cookies on her counter. Then we’d all gather up with our bowls full of icing and sprinkles and such – snack time and arts-and-crafts time all in one. These scrumptious Gingerbread Mickey Cookies are every bit as delicious as Grandma’s cookies. They are moist and...

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies! Oh, my……….. Holy Cow Batman these brownies are off the charts insanely delicious! Rich, Decadent, Deeply Chocolate with Peanut Butter filling and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache! Wow……….Wow…………..Wow! Oh, and did I mention, that the brownies themselves are dark chocolate and perfectly fudgy! Recipe Notes: For some reason, unlike Semisweet Chocolate chips which come in 12 ounce bags, Dark Chocolate Chips come in 10 ounce bags. Isn’t that strange? It seems like they’d come in the same size bags, doesn’t it? Anyway, I mention this because when you’re shopping for the items to...

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Easy Baked Sweet and Sour Meatballs

This casserole has gone right to the top of my favorite dinner recipe in the ol’ dinner rotation. Not only is it easy enough for me to make and get on the table during the week night, it’s so crazy delicious that I literally crave it. We’ve been having it on a weekly basis for some time now. In my family, that really says it all! Not only is this a meal I love, the whole family wants it as often as I do………….can you say MIRACLE ???? Last week, I went up to visit my youngest sister and...

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Back In The Day Blondies

I’ve had a love affair with Blondies forever!  They’re one of those humble bar cookies that somehow manage to transcend their simple ingredients. Thick, chewy, tender, rich, butterscotch cookies.  They’re treats that people have enjoyed and shared for  generations.  You know a cookies that has lasted the test of time like Blondies just have to be amazingly delicious! Well, this recipe produces, to my mind anyway, a quintessentially perfect Blondie. They are superbly rich, decadently butterscotch and oh my the texture!  They’re sooo tender and chewy all at the same time.  What more can anyone ask for from a humble...

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Roasted Peach Halves with Crumb Topping

This is one of those brilliantly obvious recipes that makes me hit the side of my head and say, “Why didn’t I think of making this before ?!” Imagine, summer sweet, ripe peaches, roasted to perfection and topped with a yummy brown sugar, oatmeal and pecan crumb topping. I mean, come on, how delicious does that sound? They’re like a perfect single portion of peach crisp in a fun and naturally creative presentation. If you need to serve a big crowd, obviously, a 9X13 baking dish of peach crisp is an easy choice. These, however, have a simple cleverness to...

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