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Ingredient: M & M's

Kit Kat Cake Recipe

Cut me off a piece of that Kit Kat Cake! A moist, homemade chocolate cake with fudgy frosting makes this candy bar delivery vehicle something special. When it comes to dealing with a serious candy bar craving, there are two types of people. Some believe in moderation, attempting to satisfy themselves with a miniature “fun-size” bar lifted from their kiddo’s Halloween basket (don’t you envy their optimism??). The rest of us know the only way to properly deal with that kind of desire is to indulge in a king-sized, ultra-mega giant candy bar that’s absolutely worth going to the...

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Soft Batch Christmas M & M Cookies

I LOVE soft chewy home made cookies. Make them chocolate chip and throw in the promise that they’ll also be fluffy and you bet I’m going to try them. Well, after seeing this recipe for what seems like a million times on Pinterest, I decided it was beyond time to give these cookies a try! Hhhmmm, how about making these with a holiday twist? Easy Peasy! Let’s turn them into soft, chewy, fluffy M & M cookies. These are SUPER yummy and perfect to make any time of the year. Recipe Notes:  Cornstarch is the secret ingredient in these...

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