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Ingredient: Miniature Marshmallows

Watergate Salad Recipe

You don’t have to spend hours baking fancy desserts to be the talk of the party. Why not try my recipe for Watergate salad? It just takes a few minutes, and it’ll be the most popular dish at your next potluck! It used to be that I’d only pull out my recipe for Watergate salad during the hot summer months. The cool summer fruits against the flavors of the pistachio pudding, for me, just shouted summer. It’s an interesting recipe, really. The lightness of the pineapple and cherries and the fullness of the pistachio pudding create the perfect combination...

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Elf Munch

Elf Munch! The favorite snack inside Santa’s workshop! Everyone knows to leave warm chocolate chip cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve. It is a great way to say “Thank You!” to the big guy coming down the chimney. But this year, we want to appreciate the work of Santa’s little helpers too. What snack is the favorite inside Santa’s workshops? Elf much, of course! This sweet-and-salty concoction is a breeze to mix up – in 10 minutes or so you can have a fresh bowlful of Elf Munch for your “little helpers.” My version of this...

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Cranberry Salad Recipe

 It’s pretty in pink! Cranberries are king in this fluffy, fruit-filled salad. It’s a colorful companion to any meal with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. I don’t really like suffering through television commercials when my favorite show is on, but I am always fascinated by those farmers standing waist-deep in a bog while plump little cranberries float around them. That wet harvesting process is pretty cool to watch, and it makes those beautiful red berries even more unusual and fun to cook with. Believe it or not, they actually don’t just come in cans suspended in gelatin, and...

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