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Ingredient: Red Onion

7 Layer Salad

This beautiful, fresh salad will wow your family and friends before it even hits their plates! With tons of texture and literally layers of flavor, my version of this eye-catching classic will be your new favorite crowd pleaser and inspire you to create your own spin on the 7 Layer Salad.   When I’m in a restaurant, I often find myself distracted by all the beautiful dishes being delivered to the anxious, hungry diners around me. “That looks so good! I’ll have what she’s having!” Presentation truly is everything. We’ve all had that “eating-with-your-eyes” experience that made you pause...

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Mango Black Bean Salad

I love me this salad!!! This is the kind of everyday eating that makes me happy. Do you know what I mean? This salad makes the perfect lunch, dinner side or it can even be used as a dip for chips. How’s that for versatile? This is super, super easy to put together. Just make sure you rinse the beans well to get off all the extra starch.  It also helps to make the look of the finished dip not murky.  Use nice ripe mangos.  I often like to use Honey mangos because they’re so readily available and wonderfully...

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