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Ingredient: Tahini

Easy Hummus Recipe

There are some recipes that I don’t even think about posting. Usually these are family recipes, or a dish I make more than three times a week. It’s not that I’m trying to keep these recipes a secret—it just doesn’t cross my mind that they would make good material for my blog. It wasn’t until one of my friends mentioned that I should put the easy hummus recipe I use up on the site that it even occurred to me to do so. My husband was raised on Mediterranean food. Hummus was a regular part of his diet before...

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Great Greek Opa Dip

This is my new favorite summer appetizer! It’s soooo fresh and delicious and unlike so many other appetizers I love to eat, it’s actually good for you! There’s a layer of homemade or store bought Hummus then a yummy finely chopped Greek Salad. It’s great served with any type of cracker but I like it best with baked pita chips or soft pita cut into triangles. My family absolutely devours this. I made it last week when we had friends over then the fam requested I make it again just for them to snack on! Recipe Notes: One of...

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Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Salad

Do you like having salad for lunch or dinner? Do you get your 5 servings of fruit and veggies daily? Well…………….. I have to be honest with you… family loves veggies……..I’m the hard sale on that score! I’m, “that kid”,  grown up! You know, the one that feeds their veggies to the dog, under the table, when no one was looking.  The kid who counted french fries as the only veggie they’d ever eat.  The kid who thought jam counted as a serving of fruit! My hubby actually STILL calls me out for not eating enough fruit and veggies!...

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