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Ingredient: Vanilla

Santa’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Santa’s clearly lost some weight this year, but a few of these “wardrobe malfunction” treats will be just what the doctor ordered to get that belly nice and round (and his pants securely up!) before Christmas. If you love cooking, you probably look forward to holiday baking more than any presents that might be headed your way in December. I have a long list of must-haves for my family every year, and skipping them means a big ol’ blue Christmas at my house. Some of those cookies and candies take hours, even days, to prepare, so I’m always on...

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Easy Microwave Fudge Recipe

Cool breezes and falling leaves mean candy time is coming! Fabulous fudge is just a few minutes away with this easy microwavable recipe – practically fool-proof and full of chocolate flavor. I really enjoy making candy, but sometimes I think I must have angered the candy gods in a previous life. While I usually have no problem producing beautiful bonbons (after making friends with the candy thermometer, of course), sometimes things just don’t turn out right and I’m left with a pot of something inedible; even the most dedicated chocoholics aren’t interested. If I can find a fool-proof candy...

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Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

Ditch the candy bar and indulge in a piece of my delectable Peanut Butter Fudge! The naturally smooth texture of this universally loved pantry staple gets transformed into a decadent sweet-tooth fix sure to please any lover of our precious peanut. We all have our favorite snacks – maybe it’s a handful of salty popcorn, a bag of chocolatey M&Ms, or some crisp, cheesy crackers. Personally, I love to sneak into the silverware drawer, reach into the pantry, and dive into a jar of peanut butter with my spoon. There’s nothing quite like the sweet, creamy texture of this...

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Cranberry Salad Recipe

 It’s pretty in pink! Cranberries are king in this fluffy, fruit-filled salad. It’s a colorful companion to any meal with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. I don’t really like suffering through television commercials when my favorite show is on, but I am always fascinated by those farmers standing waist-deep in a bog while plump little cranberries float around them. That wet harvesting process is pretty cool to watch, and it makes those beautiful red berries even more unusual and fun to cook with. Believe it or not, they actually don’t just come in cans suspended in gelatin, and...

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Easy Fudge Recipe

My all time favorite FUDGE! It’s easy to make, no thermometer required and has a great old fashioned, amazing fudge flavor and texture!    These days you can hardly visit a tourist town without running across three or four shops advertising their “homemade fudge.” Even normal towns seem to have one or two shops like that in their downtown stretches or main streets. I have a problem with those shops. Their “homemade fudge” just doesn’t taste all that homemade. It tastes the same as any tub of fudge you can get at any grocery store—and my choice adjective for...

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