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Ingredient: Vanilla

Easy Fudge Recipe

My all time favorite FUDGE! It’s easy to make, no thermometer required and has a great old fashioned, amazing fudge flavor and texture!    These days you can hardly visit a tourist town without running across three or four shops advertising their “homemade fudge.” Even normal towns seem to have one or two shops like that in their downtown stretches or main streets. I have a problem with those shops. Their “homemade fudge” just doesn’t taste all that homemade. It tastes the same as any tub of fudge you can get at any grocery store—and my choice adjective for...

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Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

I think naming recipes is a tricky business. One has to be accurate and appealing all at once. When I decided to make up this fantastic recipe, I couldn’t imagine finding a more mouth-watering combination of words: Caramel Apple Sheet Cake. It sounds good. And let me tell you, the finished dish lives up to the name. True, I am a little biased—I’ve got a thing for sheet cake. The proportion of cake to frosting or icing in a delicious sheet cake recipe is unbeatable. Each bite of a sheet cake comes perfectly topped with a delicious little dollop...

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Easy Homemade Caramel Sauce Recipe

Easy Homemade Caramel Sauce~ This thick, rich, decadent sauce is unbelievably easy to make at home. You’ll never want store bought Caramel Sauce again! To most people, caramel sauce is an intimidating dish. Maybe it even intimidates you. Maybe you clicked on this recipe hoping—just hoping—it would actually be what it advertises: an easy caramel sauce recipe. Maybe you clicked on this recipe just to confirm that caramel sauce is too hard for you. Whatever your motivations, I want to tell you that this recipe for homemade caramel sauce should not intimidate you. It’s actually an easy recipe to...

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Banana Cream Pie

Amazing Banana Cream Pie made with a homemade rich, velvety custard, lots of fresh sliced bananas, a crunchy cookie crust, topped off with a mountain of fluffy whipped cream! Banana Cream Pie is one of my all time favorite desserts. Let me tell you though, I’m not alone in loving it. My whole family adores this pie. And really, is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t? This diner classic is old fashioned, pure All-American goodness! A thick, buttery, cookie crust layered with rich, decadent vanilla custard and lots of fresh bananas all topped with a mountain of fresh homemade...

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The Best Pecan Pie Bars

The best Pecan Pie Bars…….. Well, let me tell you a little story. I started making Pecan Pie Bars over 30 years ago.  The recipe I used back then was delicious.  I’m talking, rock your world kind of delicious, not simply run of the mill kind of delicious. I was almost famous for making those bars. They were on every Christmas cookie plate I gave out and the recipe was always requested. Then for some reason I decided to try a new recipe. That, in and of itself, was strange because generally when I have a recipe I really love...

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