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Ingredient: Apple Cider

Sweet Red Sangria

Sangria – it’s not just for summer anymore! Just a hint of the holidays transforms this party favorite into a welcoming winter libation for making much merry. Here we come a sangria-ing! Most of us pull out crockpots this time of year to keep mulled wine or hot apple cider warm and waiting for visitors and party guests to enjoy, but this iced, Sweet Red Sangria is a refreshing alternative that has all the seasonal flavors without all the hassle (or the hot flash, if, like me, you live somewhere holiday guests may be wearing Bermuda shorts instead of...

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Apple Braised Chicken

This is one of my daughters favorite chicken dishes. Whenever I ask her what she would like to have included in the weekly menu planning, she immediately says, “Apple Chicken!”  I love it because it’s not only delicious it’s relatively quick to put together and tastes like something that’s taken a long time to prepare. Can you say WIN! WIN!?! Perfect for a satisfying weeknight meal. This recipe started out as a Weight Watchers recipe and while I believe I’ve kept it fairly low fat and healthy, it probably a few more calories than the WW recipe. BTW-I posted...

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork sandwiches are an all time favorite in my family. This recipe is my favorite way to prepare them. All year long this delicious sandwich is on our dinner time menu. Luscious shredded pork drenched in sweet bbq sauce topped with coleslaw on a soft roll, what’s not to love?  I mean seriously!  I top it with a homemade bbq sauce and homemade coleslaw.  Hubby likes sliced pickles on his. Put yours together however you like and enjoy! BTW: Yes, I do indeed know, that this is in no way actually bbq.  It’s braised pulled pork topped with a...

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