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Ingredient: Beef Broth

Easy Hamburger Soup Recipe

Hamburger Soup is a home-style, hearty meal sure to satisfy healthy appetites and stir up happy memories of Grandma’s house. My Grandma always had something special bubbling or baking away in her kitchen. Her cooking has definitely inspired a great deal of mine, and one of my first memories is sitting down to enjoy a big, warm bowl of her Hamburger Soup. It was such a hearty, filling dish, and it’s the kind of meal that somehow manages to make everything better. I think everybody has a favorite hamburger vegetable soup recipe. First, it’s frugal – you can stretch a...

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Carne Guisada

 Look out taco night – gravy’s coming! Fill your favorite tortillas with tender, moist chunks of beef swimming in a bold blend of smoky dried chilies and cumin. This Carne Guisada is gonna be a hit!    Gravy makes the world go ‘round. Okay, maybe that’s gravity, but gravy definitely makes lots of things better – mashed potatoes, biscuits, that Thanksgiving turkey Aunt Mary always overcooks. Gravy is also what makes Carne Guisada such a standout dish and an extra special filling for tacos or burritos. If you’ve missed this one on the menu at your favorite Tex-Mex spot,...

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Cheeseburger Soup

This easy cheeseburger soup is a huge family favorite. This is one dinner that everyone will be on time for. Everyone loves all the chunks of lean meat, veggies, cheesy broth and the toppings. My family likes to top the soup with shredded cheese, crumbled bacon, sliced pickles, fresh tomato and homemade hamburger bun croutons. The sky’s the limit with toppings, so use your imagination! Actually, the croutons are my favorite part of the whole soup. They’re slightly sweet, buttery and crispy crunchy. Their flavor and texture compliment and top the soup perfectly, in my humble opinion. 🙂 They’re really easy...

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Creamy Beef Stroganoff

This recipe has long been a family favorite.  Slices of beef with mushrooms in a rich, tangy cream sauce served over buttered noodles……….What’s not to love?! We like it best served over buttered egg noodles but sometimes I serve it over cooked rice or individual baked potatoes. Recipe Notes: You can obviously use whatever type of mushrooms you like.  I’ve made this many times with button mushrooms but I prefer using sliced cremini mushrooms.  I think the cremini have more flavor and enhance the meaty flavor of this dish. This dish uses both dried tarragon and dried thyme.  Some...

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Crock Pot Stuffed Sweet Pepper Soup

  I love this soup! It has that yummy combination of sweet and savory that I’m absolutely crazy about. It’s like a delicious bowl of deconstructed stuffed peppers with a delicious broth.   Look at how hearty this soup is. It’s meaty and has lots of yummy peppers and tomatoes. Recipe Notes:  I like to mince my onions so that I don’t get a big chunk in my finished soup. I like to chop my peppers small enough so I get a few in each spoonful of soup. Feel free to chop to whatever size you like. I used...

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