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Ingredient: Dried Ground Cinnamon

Hummingbird Cake

Skip the boring banana bread and breathe new life into that overripe fruit with this tropical Hummingbird Cake recipe.  The Caribbean is calling, and this cake is the next best thing! “If you build it, they will come,” has worked exactly (at least) two times in history: once in a Kevin Costner movie and once for the tourism board of Jamaica. It may be hard for those of us who dream of Montego Bay beaches to imagine, but in the 1970s it wasn’t exactly a tourist hotspot. In an attempt to bring more flights and full wallets in from...

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Eggnog Crumb Coffee Cake

This is a lovely coffee cake that perfectly embraces the holiday season. The cake it’s self is not overly sweet so the generous crumb topping is the perfect accompaniment. The eggnog flavor is delightful. It’s in no way overpowering but it definitely is the notable flavor. It’s what makes this coffee cake uniquely tempting. The crumb topping and glaze together are seriously crazy delicious!!! Honestly, I could have eaten bowls of this all by itself! This is the last day of my Sugar Rush. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have! I have some really great casseroles and...

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Sweet Potato Casserole

This is the Best sweet potato casserole I’ve ever tasted. It’s soooo delicious I could eat the whole pan by myself. Well, not really, but only because it makes a big baking dish. This is one of those dishes that my whole family loves on Thanksgiving. They would revolt if I ever so much as threatened not to make it. It’s very rich and good and sweet. If you don’t like a sweetened sweet potato casserole this is not the one for you. If you’re used to the standard recipe with  marshmallows melted on top, oh baby, you won’t believe what an upgrade this recipe is....

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Apple Cake Bars with Caramel Glaze

This is a lovely dense, moist, cake bar that has an incredibly, thick caramel glaze. It differs from other apple cake recipes, in that, it seems to have just enough cake batter to hold together the deliciously baked apples. In that way, it reminds me more, of an old fashioned European dessert. I love the play of the tart Granny Smith apples with the sweet caramel glaze. It’s perfect with an afternoon cup of tea or really any time you want something just a bit sweet. This cake significantly improves with refrigeration. When it’s served cold it has a...

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Sour Cream Apple Pie

This is an unbelievable pie. I mean, seriously, Unbelievable!!! Trust me on this one. I’ve been making this pie for at least a decade, probably longer. My whole family loves, loves, loves this one. The filling doesn’t have any cinnamon or any other typical apple pie spices but don’t worry. The topping is where all the cinnamon is. The first time I made this pie I was tempted to spice up the filling. I have one thing to say about that, just don’t! In my ever so humble opinion, this pie is perfect just the way it is! Okay,...

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