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Ingredient: Large Egg Whites, at Room Temperature

Christmas Tree Brownies

Forget sugar plums. You’ll have visions of my Christmas Tree Brownies dancing in your head! These rich brownies are a chocolatey deviation from traditional sugar cookies and are decorated to professional-level perfection. I’m always amazed by the number of people I see out Christmas-tree shopping before I’ve even fully emerged from my Thanksgiving food coma. The first trees you’ll find at my house during the holiday season are these cute little conifers, fashioned out of rich fudgy brownies, with happy little faces and smiles almost as big as the one that’ll be on your face when you take your...

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The BEST Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies. Ever. (imho)

Have you ever noticed that different people like different chocolate experiences?  Some peeps only like a specific type of chocolate such as dark or milk or semisweet.  Some prefer chocolate to be combined with other ingredients like fruit or nuts and, to others, anything other that pure, plain chocolate is tantamount to a mortal sin.  Oh, we human beings can be so fussy! (Me especially, LOL!)  Well, here’s a cookie that is perfect for those of you ( and me too!) that want a deep, dark, intense, chocolate experience.  These are Good.  Really Good. I mean eat the entire...

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