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Ingredient: Red Onion, Finely Chopped

Mexican Corn Salad

Inspired by the street food south-of-the-border, this Mexican Corn Salad is a tangy, sweet and savory side for anything coming off your grill this summer.   Across the world, street food is considered a vital part of heritage food culture, dishes tied to history by ingredients and techniques significant to the country and its people. It’s so important that a World Street Food Congress is held each year, with contributors like Anthony Bourdain, to showcase food from around the globe and build a dialogue around supporting local vendors and preserving street food traditions. Celebrity chefs like Rick Bayless and...

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Pea Salad

More peas, please! The little green gems lend beautiful color and texture to my creamy Pea Salad, a simple but flavorful side dish sure to lure even picky eaters to the fridge for leftovers.    I’m pretty sure what they say is true – that ranch dressing makes everything better. Mediocre pork chops and chicken breasts become something extra special with a sprinkling of dry ranch dressing mix before roasting. The dry mix also turns a big bowl of popcorn into a gourmet treat for movie night. Ranch dressing makes just about anything baked in a casserole dish better...

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Macaroni Salad

Classic Macaroni Salad-Just like Mom used to make! Delicious pasta with all the right goodies tossed in an extra creamy, thick dressing! One of my favorite summer side dishes is macaroni salad. I used to buy mine at the grocery store down the street—always from the deli, never from the shelves. (Shelf-salad is about as bad as it gets.) I found, though, that I was dropping some serious cash to keep up with my macaroni-salad-eating patterns. It’s such a convenient side dish for summer grilling or barbeque that I was serving it all the time! I needed an alternative...

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