Coconut White Chocolate Cookies

Warning! Take it from me friends. This is honestly a recipe you should probably not try. Yes, I’m being serious. Why in the heck am I posting it, did I hear you ask? Well, because these just might be the BEST cookie I’ve ever eaten. I’ve heard from more than one person who’s had these that they are on the sweet side so they can only eat one.  Seriously?  I mean, are they kidding me. Why don’t you try eating at least half the batch and then come talk to me about them being sweet. These are not the kind of cookies that I, personally, can have in the house. When they are here, I swear to heaven, they call to me, in their little coconut voices….”We’re here….You know we’re here….No one’s going to know if you eat the second half of the batch……No your butt doesn’t look any bigger…..At least not to us…..Just a few more….”.  You get the picture.  BTW- I’m pretty sure my butt does look bigger after baking (eating ) a few batches.  Oh well, life is short so I’m going to keep baking these incredible coconut white chocolate cookies!

Source: Slightly Adapted From Donna Hays