Ina, Ina, Ina !!!  Now she’s a true rock star!  Seriously, you need to cook something, for some reason ,with a recipe you’ve never tried? Who ya gonna call….Ina Garten. Oh ya. You know it’s going to come out great even without a dress rehearsal.  Cuz we’re takin Ina. That’s why she’s a rock star.  If I ever met her I think I’d quake in my boots or whatever footwear I happen to be donning.

I love Caprese salad.  I mean LOVE it.  Before I moved to Socal I had a garden devoted to serious tomato growing and the primary purpose of growing them was for this salad. Now I lived in an almost gardenless Socal home and I long for my favorite salad fix. Not only do I not have my incredible garden bounty, it’s winter right now. Tomatoes in general have virtually no flavor.  Who ya gonna call………Ina Garten. That’s right with the wave of her “Ina” wand she has created a winter style Caprese Salad that not only rivals the fabulous original, but improves on it in many ways. This is now my Must Have salad for any time that vine ripe, perfect tomatoes, aren’t available.  I hope you try it and enjoy!
Source: Ina Garten