24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby man holding a gift box while a woman covers his eyes with her hands

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your hubby?

‘Tis the season for showing your favorite guy that he’s number one in your life. He’s always been there for you, and you want to show your gratitude, but how? With all the funky gadgets and exceptional experiences on the market these days, how does a gal choose?

We’ve got you covered with our hand-picked favorite Christmas gifts for your hubby. Here they are:

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby USA Beer Cap Map

1. USA Beer Cap Map

Is the love of your life a craft beer connoisseur? Every beer cap tells a story. Every pop of each tiny metal disk unlocks a small-batch brewery’s passion for refining the cold, bubbly magic that comes in a bottle. This is the ultimate display for your guy’s collection.

Finely carved, UV-resistant, at over 2 feet in width, this display system holds 69 beer caps including twist-offs. Mounting nails are included for your convenience so you can get the thing up and running with ease.

Click here to get the USA Beer Cap Map.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Beer Stuff Survival Kit

2. Beer Stuff Survival Kit

Make the holidays special with this man cave gift basket for all your beer-fan’s needs and a few of his beer-related fantasies.

The set includes, get ready for this– 3 bars of beer-scented soap that actually smells good! He’ll get some beer-infused hot sauce, a bag of beery candy, and a Brewcapper bottle opener that won’t dent the caps, so he can keep them for his cap collection (see gift idea above!)

Everything above was made proudly in the U.S.A. by people who actually like their jobs and get paid a living wage for doing them. A win-win all around.

Click here to get the Beer Stuff Survival Kit.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Beer Of The Month Club

3.  Beer Of The Month Club

What is a beer of the month club?

Think about it as your hubby’s new best friend. Each month, a beer of the month club sends your husband a box of beer… right to your doorstep. Depending on which club you choose, these beers could be rare beers, craft beers, international beers, etc.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, and a great gift because it lasts past Christmas (i.e. he gets a mini Christmas each month).

Click here to see the best beer club options from our friends at Mantelligence.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Beer Jelly 6 Pack

4. Beer Jelly 6 Pack

Vermont-crafted Potlicker Kitchen will send your guy over the moon with this set of four tantalizing beer jellies. Only New England’s top breweries make the cut. The things you can do with these beer jellies are endless. The fruity ones go great with cheese.

Potlicker kitchen’s website features delicious recipe ideas like “Bacon & Beer Jelly Sticky Buns.” You can add this jelly to crock pot roasts and pair them with breads.

Click here to get these tantalizing beer jellies.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby 45 Degree Latitude Beer Growler

5. 45 Degree Latitude Beer Growler

Your man’s latest home brew is the pride and joy. How to bring it places? How do we get our fresh-from-the-tap treasures from point A to point B without compromising its carbonation and overall integrity?

Your answer likes in this 64 oz. black-matte finished, top of the line beer growler. It’ll keep it cold for up to 6 hours. The exterior surface is engineered for easy grip and will resist condensation, making it your go-to growler for everywhere you go!

Click here to get him the perfect growler.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Personalized Men’s Wallet

6. Personalized Men’s Wallet

Okay, enough beer gifts (...or check out more here).

This is one of our absolute favorite Christmas gifts for your hubby! It has been known to make grown men cry. On the outside, it’s a standard-issue, awesome wallet for every man. Made of genuine leather, there’s a place to put all his necessities in easy reach.

There are eight credit card slots, a clear ID sleeve, two bill pockets, and even a zipped coin pouch. And then…he flips it open. He finds an engraved love letter from you. Your names. Your message.

Your vows, anew. Voiced in words highly personal to your union. There is no gift more special and poignant than a place to keep a love letter so close.

Click here to grab this awesome wallet.


7. Fuego Box

For some hubbies, hot sauce is heaven. A hot sauce for every occasion, crafted with a new twist each time, is held in the highest regard. I found a great source for all his small-batch spicy sauce desires on theunbox.com a great site that reviews up-and-coming subscription boxes.

Fuego Box is a cool new subscription box that focuses on dynamic tastes with just the right amount of heat– hot sauces you’ve probably never heard of, sourced from across the world. They deliver right to your doorstep and have size and variety options to suit every household.

Click here to learn more about Fuego Box.


24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Universal Socket Wrench


8. Universal Socket Wrench

Some men just love to build things and tinker with machines. There’s something extremely satisfying that comes from constructing something solid and everlasting. The thing is the hardware involved comes in infinite sizes for every nook and cranny!

Infinite sizes usually meant matching tools to suit all those sizes– and the space needed for all of them! That’s a thing of the past with this universal socket wrench that can be adjusted to fit every situation on earth– hardware of all sizes, broken and stripped nuts, square nuts, hexagon, and spring pins and more.

Home improvement and enhancing the dream home have never been easier for him.

Click here to get him the perfect socket wrench.

 24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Breakfast Sandwich Maker

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

For most of us, mornings are hectic when we’re running out the door and cooking couldn’t happen more quickly. Hubby likes to have something solid in his belly with which to tackle his day, and he’ll be enthralled by this gadget that not only cooks the components of, but actually assembles his multi-ingredient breakfast sandwich in five minutes or less!

You can pile on your own ingredients and fixings– from eggs, cheese, pre-cooked meats, sauces, and more. It’s one of many perfect Christmas gifts for your hubby.

Click here to get the Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Whiskey Stones Gift Set

10. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

The eight precision-cut natural granite chilling stones are the key feature in this bombastic selection. No longer will hubby have to water down his liquor with regular old ice to get the same cooling, transformative effect.

The kit includes the finest quality hand-blown glasses, coasters, tongs, hand-crafted stone coasters, and is made of the finest fire-treated natural pine wood. We’re not messing around. This kit comes with a lifetime warranty.

Click here to get the Whiskey Stones Gift Set.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set With Cooler Bag

11. Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set with Cooler Bag

Does your guy love to grill? Is he a die-hard tailgater? You can’t go wrong with this professional BBQ grill set as one of many great Christmas gifts for your hubby.  It includes an exquisitely honed spatula, tongs, fork, knife, silicone basting brush, grill brush, 4 kebob skewers, 8 corn holders, their own aluminum case, and a handy cooler bag.

This perfection of this pick lies in how everything’s compacted, matching, and sorted all in one place for the height of convenience. Hubby can get his grill game on with enough flourish that all the neighbors notice.

Click here to get this professional BBQ grill set.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Car Trunk Organizer

12. Car Trunk Organizer

If your man is like most men, he’s got a special relationship with his ride, second only to you! For the family that loves to travel, road trips are a joy when they are the perfect balance of planned and spontaneous.

Hop in the car and let the winds take you, but don’t forget this car trunk organizer. He won’t be able to recall how he lived without it because there’s a durably constructed place for everything and it’s innovative design makes it pass seamlessly from the trunk rear to the backseat, to the home, to the garage, and back again.

The organizers stay sturdy and erect without anything in them. There’s a place for cleaning supplies, emergency tools, grocery bags, and more.

Click here to get the Car Trunk Organizer.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Tactical Pen For Self Defense

13. Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Is he hot for his heavy-duty gadgets? Does he have strong protective instincts?

You cannot go wrong with this pen. As far as Christmas gifts for your hubby go, this is far, far more than a pen. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is the ultimate weapon and tool for every emergency situation, easily carried and concealed.

If there’s a zombie apocalypse coming, this is what he’ll reach for. It’s equipt with an emergency glass breaker, LED flashlight, bottle opener, writing pen, extra ink sets, and battery sets. It comes in a gift box and it’s the top choice of military, police, and emergency first responders.

Click here to get the Tactical Pen for Self-Defense.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Wood Phone Docking Station

14. Wood Phone Docking Station

Immaculately constructed of solid eco-friendly walnut, this is an exceptional piece of furniture that every man needs. It’s the go-to place for all of his daily necessities: A center-stage docking platform for his phone (feed the charging wire through seamlessly.)

There are three hooks for keys, a watch display hanger, a change tray, a wallet compartment, and a shelf for his pen and other personal items. He’ll never lose his necessities again. This is for the stuff that keeps our lives in motion.

There’s a certain sort of regality and honor for the items that emanates from this piece. It’s a surefire winner!

Click here to get the Wood Phone Docking Station.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Men’s Messenger Bag

15. Men’s Messenger Bag

Perfect for his laptop, his cell phone, his tablet, his files, his books, and everything you can imagine he needs for his daily life. There’s something unique, historically omnipresent and timelessly classic about the quality and rustic vintage design of this Hunter buffalo leather satchel messenger bag crafted by artisans who have excelled in their craft for decades.

Every detail is has been designed for functionality and flourish. There is an outer zipper compartment for absolute valuables. The shoulder strap adjusts generously for his comfort.

Click here to get this unique messenger bag.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Retro Designed Thermoelectric Vending Fridge

16. Retro-designed Thermoelectric Vending Fridge

There’s something utterly satisfying about buying a cold can of pop from a public vending machine, complete with a glorious display of carbonated choices.

Now hubby can have the same luxury right at home with this household version that holds up to ten cans of his favorite beverages and keeps them cold as ice with even a 12-volt vehicle plug.

Keep things refrigerated while on the road too! No more messing with convenience store ice bags.

Click here to get the Retro-designed Thermoelectric Vending Fridge.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

17. Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

This pick is positively trippy!

Here we have a vintage exterior– one of those alarm clocks with one ringtone, and one only. And it’s so much more than what it seems! Right there, hidden expertly from view at six o’clock is a built-in hidden camera.

Wire it up to his phone and he’ll be able to keep an eye on your home, your pets, your kids, your household help, and anything in between.

There are lots of creative ways to safeguard your assets these days and this is a fun and funky addition to your home security system.

Click here to get the Hidden Camera Alarm Clock.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Superman Lois Lane Statue By Gary Frank 1

18. Superman & Lois Lane Statue by Gary Frank

Every man was once a boy, and deep down, still is.

Beyond boyhood, Superman and Lois Lane are archetypically powerful figures that inspire modern humanity. Their influence has spanned across decades, soon to be centuries.

What better reminder of the superhero he is to you than this impressively executed tribute to superhuman strength, protective ability, and masculine devotion to the feminine?

Click here to get this archetypically powerful figure.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Fitness Activity Tracker

19. Fitness Activity Tracker

Is your man competitive with himself, always punching for his personal best? Does he prosper when his progress is laid out in numbers for comparison?

The ability to record our progress and our ups and downs are some of modernity’s greatest gifts. This sweet gadget is the state-of-the-art standard for measuring calorie burn, moving and resting heart rates, sleep cycles, activity trends, and other health insights. Its settings can be highly personalized to each user. Get this one of many great Christmas gifts for your hubby!

Click here to get the Fitness Activity Tracker.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Dress Watch

20. Dress Watch

Even with the rising popularity of cell phones as our sole source for timing our days, most modern men still appreciate a good, solid wristwatch. They are essentially jewelry for men. They are statement pieces.

A good watch is an unbeatable asset in every situation and a completion to any outfit.

Click here to get the Dress Watch.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Pocket Watch With Chain

21. Pocket Watch with Chain

If the wristwatch is the modern man’s basic must-have accessory, a pocket watch one-ups it in intention and style. Pocket watches on a chain were the marks of nobility back in the day and some of that regal resonance still remains.

If your hubby is looking for something extra to complete his look, this Levonta, in particular, is going to win him over.

Hint: here’s another holiday surprise to move a man to tears. It comes engraved with the message: “To My Husband: Never forget that I Love You. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you – FOREVER”

Click here to get the Pocket Watch with Chain.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Bath And Body Gift Set For Men

22. Bath and Body Gift Set for Men

Our men enjoy their bath and body hygiene routine just as much as we do. We want to encourage them to feel like they can express their enjoyment of such things that were previously seen as decidedly feminine.

We sure love the way our hubbies feel and smell afterward, do we not, ladies? Our solution to this awkward gender-restriction with this 100% all natural skin care set for men brilliantly packaged in a paint can!

Inside, he’ll find fresh, manly scented soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, and hand butter. The kit also includes a handy body mitt for perfect application.

Click here to get the Bath and Body Gift Set for Men.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket

23. Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket

Great food is the portal to the soul, a lot of us agree. A lot of guys are in their element as soon as they fire up the barbie.

Make their experience memorable with this exquisite gift set that includes all the sauces, salsas, and snacks he needs for his spread.

In the red gloss basket, he’ll also find chocolate fudge popcorn, smokey cheddar cheese triangles, chocolate chip cookies, and several styles of pretzels.

Click here to get the exquisite gourmet grilling gift basket.

24 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Hubby Personalized Laser Engraved Tactical Pocket Knife

24. Personalized Laser Engraved Tactical Pocket Knife

Whether your guy is a camping and hunting aficionado, or he’s just the most practical, prepared person you’ve ever met, he’s sure to love this pocket knife that has been personalized with his name, initials or some other special message that represents your love for him. He’ll feel that message right up against his hand whenever he touches his trusty tool.

Made of finished wood and enhanced with a partially serrated stainless steel blade, it cuts through anything that stands in his way. Great Christmas gifts for your hubby are both highly personal and intensely practical.

Click here to get him the perfect pocket knife.

In Conclusion

Whether you love or hate your Christmas shopping list this year, there’ s no doubt in your mind that your man deserves to feel showered in your love on one of the happiest days of the year with great Christmas gifts for your hubby.

Gift-giving is not stressful when it comes from the heart. Gift shopping is magical when you’ve got real regard for the masterminded gadgets and revolutionary inventions that hit the market every day in preparation for the holiday season.

PS: for more really cool gifts for guys, check out this post on mantelligence.com.