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Author: Kathleen

Hobo Dinner-Beef, Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, And A Creamy Sauce

Our hobo dinner is a perfect summer meal made over the campfire but gets even better as the nights become cooler. Potatoes, onions, carrots, and beef come together with a creamy sauce to create a wonderful comfort food dinner. There is a slight chance that when you cheerily tell your wine-toting dinner guests that you’re making an authentic hobo dinner, they may look for the door. When you usher them into the dining room and tell them to have a seat because the best hobo dinner ever is almost ready, they may panic. Unfortunately for them, they’ve already committed....

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Easy Blueberry Cobbler-Old Fashioned Summertime Dessert Perfection!

Old-fashioned Blueberry Cobbler is summertime perfection! Fresh juicy blueberries baked and thickened just right then topped with buttery cake-like topping This easy Blueberry Cobbler is a perfect addition to a Sunday dinner or even a quick midweek dessert. Blueberries not only add color to your meal, they are bursting with summer sweetness that makes this simple dessert feel indulgent. The thick decadent filling balances nicely with the sweet topping in this classic dessert. Simple and delicious blueberry cobbler conjures visions of Grandma’s back porch and summer sunsets. It the ultimate comfort food! People will think you slaved away making...

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Atlantic Beach Pie-Sweet, Salty, Creamy Citrus Perfection!

Atlantic Beach Pie is full of delicious contrasts.  Sweet and salty, tangy and creamy, fluffy and dense! Finish your fun in the sun today with this paradoxical coastal invention. If you are a new fan of Atlantic Beach Pie, history is on your side. Popularized only in recent years, this coastal North Carolina delicacy is currently sweeping the nation. Dubbed “the best pie of the summer” and “a pie to cut through summer’s heat” by various news outlets, the dessert is making headlines for a reason. Atlantic Beach Pie reviews are universally raving. Indulge your family and guests today, or impress your...

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Sock it to Me Cake-Southern Butter Cake With A Generous Streusel Filling

Sock It To Me Cake is a delicious Southern butter cake with an amazing streusel filling. Our cake starts with a cake mix to make prep easy and results foolproof. Sock It To Me Cake comes to you straight from the 1970’s, but it hasn’t lost a bit of its flavor! Ready for a blast from the past? This decadent cake combines the simplicity of a cake mix with a streusel filling for results that are “Totally far out, man!” By adding sour cream and extra eggs, this cake is off the charts moist. The filling of pecans, cinnamon,...

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Walking Tacos-The Best Way To Eat Tacos On The Go!

Pump up your dinner “fun factor” for kids of all ages with our Walking Tacos! It’s a party in a bag and the most fun way to eat tacos on the go! Who doesn’t like to munch dinner out of a Frito bag? And who doesn’t enjoy minimal prep work and next to no cleanup? Walking tacos use premade chili and involve zero dinner plates, which means a quick and clean mealtime for you. The natural next life of leftover Texas Chili or Turkey Chili, walking tacos help you cut back on waste and forgotten freezer treasures. Named for their transportability...

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