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Author: Kathleen Smith

The Best Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

This Easy Blueberry Coffee Cake is made with sour cream, loaded with a double layer of blueberries, then topped with a lovely glaze. It bakes up tender and super moist and can be made with fresh or frozen berries. Perfect for any season. This recipe is SO delicious it’s almost ethereal!  This recipe for Blueberry Coffee Cake is easy to make – and it’s absolutely to die for. It’s an all-occasion kind of recipe; perfect for Saturday mornings on the patio or serving to friends with a hot cup of coffee, there’s really no wrong way to serve this Blueberry...

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Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

 My Texas Sheet Cake is the stuff sweet dreams are made of – a thick, fudgy icing fused to the top of a moist cake masterpiece. You’ll be doing the two-step after just one bite of this quick but oh, so rich dessert. This ain’t your average sheet cake, y’all. It’s like a brownie . . . but better! A Texas chocolate sheet cake is thin – barely the height of its fudgy cousin (some even call this cake Texas Sheet Cake brownies), but it packs all the punch of a serious slice of chocolate cake. And the best...

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Grandma’s Fruit Cocktail Cake Recipe

This easy Fruit Cocktail Cake recipe is going to be a quick family favorite. Serve it up for dessert or invite your friends for coffee – either way you’re going to love this old fashion cake. Made from scratch, NO box mix need. Simple to make and topped with a yummy Butter Sauce loaded with Coconut and Pecans! Pin it to your CAKE  BOARD to save for later! Be Sure To Follow Gonna Want Seconds on Pinterest for more great recipes! When you think about fruit cocktail, what do you think of? If you’re like most people, you think about that...

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Easy Blackberry Pie Recipe

Build a better Blackberry Pie using tapioca, an old-school alternative to flour or cornstarch, plus enough berries to start your own farmer’s market! Pin it to your PIE BOARD to save for later! Be Sure To Follow Gonna Want Seconds on Pinterest for more great recipes! It’s true what they say: you can’t judge a book by its cover. If you’ve ever stumbled across (or worse, INTO) the giant, prickly, “pain shrub” that is a blackberry bush, you’d never imagine it could produce such a delectable, yummy Blackberry Pie! Sure the dark juices leave purple spots on your picking...

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Creamy Shrimp Enchiladas Recipe

Succulent shellfish and a rich, creamy sauce make these Shrimp Enchiladas truly something special – a Tex-Mex staple transformed into good old-fashioned comfort food. Pin it to your Dinner Board to save for later!  Be Sure to Follow Gonna Want Seconds on Pinterest for more great recipes! I think it’s safe to say there’s a little “pleasure seeker” in all of us, whether it’s jumping out of airplanes or seeking tamer activities without the adrenaline rush . . . you know, like spending a whole day in your pajamas. My kitchen is one of those places of pleasure for...

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