Coconut Cookie Sandwiches
Here’s a sweet little treat that is perfect any time of the year!

I found this recipe in good ol’ Martha’s holiday cookies magazine.

Yes, another cooking magazine I just couldn’t say no to.

We’ve talked about that little problem of mine!

Coconut Cookie Sandwiches

Any who, these babies are flippin amazing.

If you like coconut, and let me tell you I do, you MUST whip up a batch of these.

I mean, two little coconut cookies sandwiching a delicious sugary, vanilla filling?

These really ROCK!

The recipe says to refrigerate the finished cookies before serving.

I like them refrigerated overnight to be honest.

This gives the filling a chance to “set” a bit so it doesn’t squish out when you eat the cookies.

More importantly, it makes the cookies nice and chewy.

Super YUM!

I encourage you to make these as soon as possible.

I think you should just make a batch for yourself.

You Sooo deserve it!