Tabbouleh is one of my family’s all time favorite foods. What’s not to absolutely love about it?  It’s delicious, refreshing and amazingly, really great for you.  The Tabbouleh I make is a very simple, straight forward, authentic, Lebanese version. Now, every family obviously has their own recipe, but I believe mine is pretty darn authentic.  I know a lot of people add fresh mint and I love it in the Tabbouleh but my fam prefers it without.  Feel free to add a bunch finely chopped if you’d like.

The secret to making a great Tabbouleh is to start the day before you want to serve it and prep the parsely.  By drying it overnight in a kitchen towel in the frigde, your salad will be drier and the lemon juice and olive oil won’t get watered down.  The salad also will not be as watery and runny as some you’ve probably tried.  I made my Tabbouleh for years with an old family recipe before I learned this secret!!! Seriously, I think this lil piece of info may be the one that most people don’t want to tell you cuz then their Tabbouleh will just be that little bit better than yours and you can’t figure out why!!! Do you know what I mean or have I just gone totally paranoid?!? Oh come on. I know you know what I’m talking about!  LOL!!!!

I serve this as an appetizer and also a salad.  Serve it with fresh pita bread cut into wedges or with Romaine leaves cut into about 3 inch lengths.  Hubs always eats it with Romaine.  Last time I made this I forgot to measure out the salt and pepper.  I’m really sorry about that.  Next time I will and I’ll update this post.  You’ll need a generous amount of each so don’t be too timid with it!